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Pritunl installation software with unlimited number of Pritunl installations (in german and english)
license includes: 1 year license | unlimited Pritunl VPS/Server to be installed.

NO disclosure to third parties allowed!

Your own OpenVPN compatible VPN server installed in minutes and at a spectacular price. The annual license for only EUR 3.99! Each additional year EUR 3.99! Contract expires automatically and must be ordered again.

Example: You want to install Pritunl on a VPS or server quickly and easily? Then you are exactly right here. With this software you can turn a normal VPS/Server into a Pritunl (VPN) Server!

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More information and technical data

This software is available in GERMAN and ENGLISH.

Which VPN provider can you trust? Can't you just use a VPN from the one person you can trust?

. Yes, by that I mean yourself! Yes you can do it. Quite simply with Pritunl. An OpenVPN compatible server software that is quite easy to use as it has a graphical user interface. So what are you waiting for. Install Pritunl. Stop, wait. You don't know how to install the software with a terminal? You don't need to. At least not if you use my Pritunl installation software. The software not only installs Pritunl from a Windows PC on a CentOS 7 operating system, but also configures the firewall to protect you. Furthermore updates of the operating system will be installed automatically. You only have to restart the server - that's all. You can also restart the server using my Windows software. The only thing you have to worry about with this Windows software is, when it comes to the software about nothing (just perform the steps one after the other), but the only thing is the selection of the VPS(Virtual Private Server)/Server with CentOS 7. It does not matter which provider you choose it must be installed only CentOS 7 as an operating system.

3 main reasons to use a VPN!

1.Secure and encrypt traffic from the Internet Service Provider(ISP) or hackers who are in an unsecured Wi-Fi or even Internet coffee.

2. IP restricted content
Through the VPN, you have the advantage that all the web services that are only available in a certain country can also be used in your country since finally the IP is used by your VPN server. This means that if you use a server or a VPS in another country for which this content is only available, you can also view it. It is important to note that sometimes it is not enough to use just any VPS/server, but it can also be that the content is still not available because the IP address frame is blacklisted at the respective service. In this case it helps to test different providers in the country where you want to use the restricted service or just ask the VPS/Server provider. Constantly setting up new VPS/Servers can be time consuming but thanks to my Windows software you can set up an unlimited number of VPS/Servers so testing different providers is no longer an obstacle.

3. access to your own home network
Through a VPN it is possible to access resources to all devices in the home network.

Which VPS/server should I use?
Definitely one in the country where you want to use the service, for example, if you only want to secure Internet traffic because you are using an open Wi-Fi or Internet coffee then it is enough to use a server in your country. However, if you want to consume content from other countries that are blocked in your country, then a VPS/Server in the country for which you want to consume content is necessary.

Technical requirements for the VPS/Server
Operating system: CentOS 7
CPU: 1x CPU is usually enough
RAM: 512 MB better 1 GB
Bandwidth: Enough bandwidth of the Internet connection of your VPS / server. Recommended are around 16 Mbit/s.
Data volume: Depending on how often and what content you consume, the data volume should be appropriate. Especially if you consume video content, you should not buy the data volume too low. Some providers have but also when exceeding the data volume very low costs to extend this or even a flat rate.

NOTE: FUNCTIONS CURRENT WITH THE Centos 7 OPERATING SYSTEM as server/VPS operating system (i.e. where Pritunl is to be installed) and as operating system where this software can run is Microsoft Windows.

WINDOWS Operating System:

OS Version Architectures
Windows Client 7 SP1+, 8.1 x64, x86
Windows 10 Client Version 1607+ x64, x86
Windows Server 2012 R2+ x64, x86

LINUX operating systems (more to follow in the next weeks):

OS Version Architectures
CentOS 7 x64

Internet access is of course also required (Subject all operating systems)!

Who can buy this product?

Can be ordered by private or business customers!

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